Celebrate Your Marriage In 2017

Most of us establish new goals in January. We begin diets to lose the holiday pounds. We exercise with renewed vigor to keep our heart healthy. We make financial goals.

But have you ever set goals and gained a new vision for your marriage? As the adage says, if you shoot for nothing, that is what you hit. How many of us live our married lives that way, without clear dreams and goals?

Celebrate your marriage in 2017 by setting goals and visions for it. Here are three actions that will help you get started.

1. Dream again. We all have dreams, or at least we did when we were younger. I, Laura, dreamed of being a famous novelist; Jay dreamed of being a rock ‘n’ roll singer. Somehow as we grow older, life squelches those dreams.

What were your dreams when you got married? Did you dream of 2.4 kids, the perfect job, and a house with a white picket fence? Probably not. But maybe you dreamed of owning a business together, traveling around the country, or raising great kids. Where are those dreams now?

Take time in January to get away with your spouse. Even if it is only for a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, leave the house and go out to recapture your dreams. It may even be time to make some new ones.

2. Take intentional steps. Once you have recaptured your dreams, what steps will help you achieve them? Start small. Make those first steps easy to achieve so you build excitement about the journey.

If one of your dreams together is to go to Hawaii for your 25th wedding anniversary, what will it take to get you there? Do the math and make a reasonable financial plan. Even if that anniversary is 20 years away, you can start by setting aside $20 a month. As time goes by, maybe that amount can jump to $50. Maybe your dream is to start a new business together. What kind of business? Where? How much money do you need to make that happen? Maybe you want to strengthen your relationship in 2017. A simple intentional step might be going on a date together once a month. So get out your calendar and put those dates down.

3. Walk persistently. All too often we stop at action two. We dream of getting in shape. We mark out time to exercise every day. But on day three we have the flu, so we do not feel like exercising. Day 20 arrives and we still are not exercising. Distractions will come, but persistence means we keep walking.

Jay and I want to strengthen our relationship this year. Our intentional step is going on a date once a month in 2017, so we marked 12 dates on our calendars. What will we do if our October date night falls on a night that our son plays football? We will go on our date.

Too often, as parents, we allow our kids’ lives to take priority over our marriage. Walking persistently means we protect our marriage and give it priority so we each can become the husband, father, mother and wife we need to be.

How will you intentionally celebrate your marriage in 2017?

Tell us in the comments below…