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Our calling is to help couples CELEBRATE their marriage.

It is an honor to speak into the life of so many marriages. With your gift we are able to provide effective relationship tools and resources for free!

Your financial contribution enables us to keep this dynamic online community thriving.

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webinars-websiteQuarterly Live Webinars

New in 2015 were our target topic webinars. From parenting to romance to dealing with finances, nearly 300 couples registered to join us LIVE.

While the webinars are recorded and shared over Social Media, the men and women who attend live have the great advantage of a Q&A session with us at the end of the program. It’s been a real treat to interact live with these folks from our home … to their’s.

Here are just a few comments for those who’ve attended live:

Thanks for the good and practical info. ~ Richard & Jena

Thanks so much for this! And thank you for answering all the great questions at the end. ~ Lori

We always enjoy the openness and real life that you guys share.   ~ Michael

Information was helpful for busy couples, and a great reminder to keep the candle burning. You guys are awesome. ~ Mike

Excellent material and fun! ~ John

My husband came out and listened to it with me on our porch. We had just had a date nite. We both enjoyed it. ~ Susan

Keep making us laugh and keep up the marriage building. We enjoyed the sharing of the personal experience. ~ Tom and Pam

Thank you, was beneficial and we liked being able to ask questions. ~ Janette

magazine-webMonthly News Articles

Several months ago, we were approached by The Journey Christian Newspaper and asked to write a monthly article to support and enrich married couples in their relationship.

The Journey Christian Newspaper currently reaches 34,000 in print across North and South Carolina. They plan to expand into Virginia, Florida and Tennessee in 2016.

These challenging pieces are also reaching over 30,000 Journey online viewers. Plus they are shared on our website and through our Social Media channels as well.

JnL-TVWeekly “Jay & Laura TV” Web Show

It’s hard to believe we’ve been producing our weekly web tv show since 2012 – wow! From the setting of the show, to the content that we’ve shared, Jay & Laura TV has definitely morphed and changed to meet the demands of our audience.

Once again, we look to 2016 to streamline this weekly show into an easy-to-view program that reaches married couples at their point of need. This takes qualified staff and state of the art equipment to get the job accomplished successfully.

In 2016 we will be digging into the life of our average viewer and listening to the conversations they are actually having in their home and in their marriage relationships. We will gather this information through periodic surveys as well as questions asked and answered via social media outlets.

Comments from our viewers:

Great video and I love that you made the point that just because a man/woman enjoys being intimate does not mean that physical touch is their love language… that gets me thinking… ~ Tracie

35 years of marriage and this was “Spot on” for me!  He ain’t perfect, but neither am I! So thankful we are told to FORGET what is behind us! His mercies ARE new every morning! ~ Rivkah

radioDaily “Celebrate Your Marriage” Radio Show

Brand NEW! September 1st, we began producing a daily, one minute radio feature called “Celebrate Your Marriage.”

The show currently airs twice daily Monday – Friday at 8:20am and 3:20pm on 88.7 The Bridge WKNZ-FM which serves Delaware and Northeast Maryland.

We are working with a handful of radio stations to streamline the creation process and make this a quality, sought-after marriage minute.

Please pray as we seek to offer “Celebrate Your Marriage” to Christian radio stations across the country in 2016.


We are privileged to encounter new friends and old through our growing Social Media channels and our website.

In addition, we’ve recently completed a bit of spit and polish to make user-friendly and more easily navigated.

It floors us to see how our Social Media community has grown exponentially over the last few years! While the numbers are encouraging, it’s the comments, questions and interactions that inspire us the most. It is incredible to forge friendships with men and women we may never meet face to face.

These Quarterly, Monthly, Daily and moment by moment pursuits cannot continue without your donation to Celebrate Ministries, Inc.

These types of ventures require:


Social Media Director, Webmaster, Researcher, and Marketing Director.


Video cameras, lights, microphones,  media storage, computer upgrades and more.


The information technology world changes constantly  which requires ongoing education and research.


Unless married couples who are seeking help find us, we are unable to reach them. In addition to paid advertising,  this requires top notch industry-proven software to reach the right people with high quality, easy to access information.

Total Needed is $60,100

With your generous donation … we could reach so many more married couples!

Celebrate Ministries, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Simple Credit Card Donation:

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