Go Hunting For Your Wife

I (Jay) did not grow up a hunter. However, a few years ago some buddies of mine from Compassion International asked me to go on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota. At first I declined, admitting I did not know the least bit about pheasant hunting. But my friend Steve insisted it was no big deal and I was going to have the time of my life. “Besides,” he said, “we eat like kings!” I was in!

I got a hunting license, hauled my grandfather’s 1952 Browning Light 12 out of storage, and bought the proper attire. I was nervous as all get-out. But Steve was right. My buddies knew I was a rookie, and they coached me the entire week. We shot skeet to warm up and get used to shooting. We had lessons from the guides to learn about being a “walker or a blocker” and, most importantly, to not shoot the other hunters.

I had a blast. We hit our limit every day, then sat around the campfire at night telling stories and laughing hard. I have been an avid pheasant hunter ever since, rarely passing up an opportunity if it presents itself. A stuffed pheasant that I shot hangs on the wall of our family room. His name is Phrank … Phrank the Pheasant!

So guys, what if we pursued our wives with the same passion we pursue wild game? Here’s what it would look like.

First, stalk her habitat. Where does she like to go? Where is she most comfortable? Figure it out without her knowledge so you can sneak up on her unsuspected.

Second, what’s the best “bait” to attract her? Dinner at her favorite restaurant? That chick flick she’s been talking about? How about a couple’s massage?

Finally, buy the right equipment. While women are not as “visual” as men, they do like it and take notice when their man grooms himself nicely. So shave the nose hairs, buy a new shirt and put on a little after-shave before you go out.

Taking the time to pursue your wife with the passion of a hunter will make her feel loved and appreciated. It is instinctive for a woman to want to be pursued. It is hardwired in her DNA. And just think, the more you pursue, the more she just might let you “catch” her!