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Author, Comedian, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Jay’s combination of power-packed delivery and laugh-out-loud humor holds audiences captivated. Through Biblical insights and real-life illustrations, Jay motivates and inspires his audience to action.

Jay started communicating as a teenager through the ministry of Youth for Christ. Twenty years later, Jay’s track record shows his commitment to seeing lost souls won for Christ. His versatile speaking skills deliver clarity and power to your event. Jay’s humor, storytelling, and genuine delivery make the Truth burst alive as he speaks.

His motivational and inspirational speaking style is great for all settings. Whether speaking at a school assembly program, retreat, conference, or to a business management team, Jay’s enthusiasm leaves an indelible mark on his listeners. Each
presentation is custom designed to meet the needs of your audience.

Jay’s motivational presentations are in demand by corporations and businesses across the United States. Recent presentations include: AFLAC Insurance, Edward Jones, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Youth for Christ,
DC/LA, Compassion International, The Gathering, Waterford School District, Michigan Schools in the Middle,
and Gratiot Community Hospital.

A certified instructor for Dynamic Communicators International, Jay is also involved in teaching others to speak with clarity, focus and power.

Jay Laffoon
Jay Laffoon has that incredible combination of enthusiasm, a servant’s heart and exceptional communication skills that captivates audiences of all ages. Whether speaking to executives at a business conference, or Junior High students at a retreat, Jay speaks with a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. If you want a speaker that can deliver for your next event, I highly recommend you contact Jay Laffoon.
Ken Davis, President, Dynamic Communicators International
The office staff have made such comments as: enlightening, enjoyable, I could have listened to Jay all day, beneficial, uplifting, wonderful, and thought-provoking.
Jon D. Paget, M.D., Cornerstone Family Practice
Not only did Jay inspire and motivate, but the workshop on communication put tools in the hands of our people that will add value to our clients and our firm. Creating better communicators will elevate our people to new levels of success.
Greg Dosmann, General Partner, Edward Jones Investments
I have had the privilege of hearing Jay Laffoon speak on numerous occasions, he is an excellent and well-regarded speaker. Whether it is to a small gathering or a large crowd, Jay can capture the attention and motivate people with his keen sense of humor.
Garth Anderson, President, Lodewyk, Nesen, & McKim, Inc.

Some Jay’s most popular presentations:

    • Celebrate Life!
      Laugh, Love and Learn your way to abundant life in Christ. Learn the secret of daily celebration.
    • Discover the Leader Within
      Jay’s challenging and motivational presentation given in the corporate-world and public school
      assemblies nationwide. Inspiring audiences to their leadership potential.
    • The Most Important Question in the World
      This comedy-filled hour contains one of the clearest Gospel messages you’ll ever see.
    • It’s Time for Christians to Come Out of the Closet
      A no-holds barred look at the Church’s responsibility to our world in need.

Business and Industry Presentations:

  • Building an Unbeatable Team
  • Discovering the Leader Within
  • Managing Complex Change
  • Communicate with Focus, Clarity and Power
  • Non-Profit Funding
  • Keynote speaker for banquets and golf outings

Other presentations:

    • Chains… Dealing With The Chains In Your Life By Understanding 3 Truths
    • Communicating with Excellence
    • Extreme Sex… a Biblical View of Sexuality
    • Integrity, the Price of Success
    • Mission
    • Moving the Fence, Our Responsibility as Christians
    • Parenting with Purpose
    • Relationships 101
    • Shattering the Stress
    • Taizé Service… a Gospel Presentation
    • The Art of Self-Improvement
    • The Secret Life of an Entrepreneur
    • Three Types of Love… Philos, Eros, Agape
    • You Can Have it All
    • Dynamic Communicators Workshops