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Celebrate Your Marriage Daily for Radio

Jay and Laura

Celebrate Your Marriage is a one minute daily marriage feature hosted by Jay & Laura Laffoon.  Touted as “The Marriage Edu-tainers”, Jay & Laura bring their high energy, fun and witty style of communication to your listeners hearts and heads each and everyday.

Performing over 80 live dates annually, the Laffoons present their Ultimate Date Night, Celebrate Your Marriage Conferences, and The Marriage Cruise, to thousands of couples each year.  With over 30 years of marriage and numerous books and life group curricula, Jay and Laura inspire listeners to celebrate God’s blessing of marriage.

A.W. Tozer was called “The Common Man’s Theologian” because he could take complex theological ideas and make them understandable.  Jay & Laura are “The Common Couple’s Marriage Expert” as they take complex marital issues and give your listeners not only understanding but also tools to celebrate their union.

Celebrate Your Marriage offers a fresh new look at marriage and ways in which your listeners can enjoy the gift of God that is marriage.

Here are 3 Samples…

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