When was the last time you had fun with your spouse?

Before marriage, we tend to find plenty of ways to “play” together. Attending sporting events and concerts, going for hikes outdoors, enjoying a special movie or event that your significant other enjoys.

So why does saying “I do” often mean we begin to say “I don’t” to the fun activities that brought us together in the first place?

The cure for a marriage without fun involves 3 things:

1) spend time communicating with your spouse about what activities each of you finds joy in;

2) intentionally prioritize and schedule those activities on your official calendar; and

3) just do them!

The philosopher Plato said you can learn more about someone through an hour of play than through an hour of talking.

If that’s true…

you might be on the verge of discovering some amazing things about your spouse when you make the time to play together.

“Laura, can we go golfing?”

“Sure, honey, right after we go to the mall!”

Couples that play together do tend to stay together.