3 Ways to Get into Scripture as a Couple

Reading God’s Word is one way that we grow deeper in our personal walk with the Lord, and reading it together is one way that we can grow closer as a couple.

If you think it’s hard to get started, here are three simple ideas you can try.

Take a Psalm a day. Most of the Psalms are relatively short and easy to read. They’re not always happy-go-lucky, but they are a good conversation starter to get you and your spouse discussing God’s Word. Also, try Proverbs!

Start a plan together using the Bible app. If your time together is short, you can each read the devotional and scripture on your own time, and come together later to discuss it. There are hundreds of plans on many different topics.

Join a Bible study or small group. While it takes more investment, sitting down with other couples and discussing the word can lead to really amazing insights.

Try one of these today!