4 phrases wives need to hear

Husbands, there are four phrases your wife needs to hear from you will make her feel loved, appreciated and honored.

1. I love you. Laura and I have yet to meet a woman who says, “My husband says ‘I love you’ way too much!” Women love to hear that phrase, and you can say it in many ways.

  • Say it with your words. She really does love to hear it.
  • Say it with your touch. She loves it when you are gentle.
  • Say it with your taste. She loves kissing a clean mouth.
  • Say it with your smell. She loves a freshly showered hubby.
  • Say it with your eyes. Look her in the eyes when you say it.

2. I respect you. Women need to be respected too. Respect for her simply looks different than it does for a man. I (Jay) vividly remember sitting our son Torrey down when he was 13. He kept wearing his ball cap into the house when he knew his mom did not approve of that. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was going to show respect to his mother or have me to deal with. Respect can be as simple as holding a door or allowing your wife to go first into a building. The phrase “ladies first” is a great example of showing women respect. And it is polite too.

3. I desire you. When it comes to intimacy, she needs to know that your passion and desire are only for her. Women are much more perceptive than men, and they pick up on the little things. Your wife knows when you do not look at her like you once did. And when you steal glances at that pretty coed who serves you at your favorite eatery? Your wife really knows about it then. Keep your eyes for your wife only and communicate how much you desire her.

4. I cherish you. Most men have no idea what the word cherish means. In fact, most men have never even uttered that word. Your wife however needs to feel cherished by her husband. Early in our marriage, I (Jay) argued with Laura. I’d say, “Men know what men want, and women know what men want. Men want women. The problem with relationships is that women don’t know what they want!” After having this argument over and over, Laura finally said, “I know what I want. I want it all!”

And that, gentlemen, is what it means for your wife to feel cherished – when she feels like she has all three of the other phrases all at the same time. When you love, respect and desire your wife, she feels cherished.