I (Laura) don’t think of myself as “old”. I do have a married son, our baby daughter is a Senior in High School, and yes we have been married 30 years. But in my MIND I’m still 29…that is until I try to get out of bed in the morning! Then my little friend called PAIN reminds me of the miles I’ve traveled.

Now, almost every day something on my body hurts!  Sore muscles, bad hip, achy joints, my feet because of those shoes I just HAD to have…you get the idea.  One Saturday morning we were lying in bed thinking about the long list of “to do’s” that lay in front of us.  Jay turned his head and said:

“We should get up and get moving.”

“I can’t, I think I’m dead?”


“I can’t get up, I think I’m dead!”

“You’re not dead, let’s get moving.”

“I can’t, I think I’m DEAD!”

“Why do you think you’re dead?”

“Because NOTHING hurts!”

Yep we are MESSED UP!  But we’re not the only ones!


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