Untitled design (31)I (Jay) am writing this from the customer lounge of Spartan Toyota in Lansing.  

We all know that cars need regular oil changes.  Every 3,000 – 5,000 miles depending on your particular automobile. I usually have Jim at J&J in Alma handle those, he’s a friend and I like to keep the business local. Keep the schedule and everything runs pretty smooth.

Today I’m in Lansing because an indicator light came on which I had never seen before.  It said VSC OFF.  When I looked it up in the owners manual, all it said was see your local Scion dealer as soon as possible.  Apparently when a car hits 60,000 miles it needs more than an oil change. It needs a tune up!

In marriage going out on a date is like that oil change…we recommend once a week to keep things running smooth.  Getting away for a weekend alone together is like a tune-up…we recommend once every six months keeps you both “in tune.”  Your marriage doesn’t have an indicator light, but you do have a calendar.

Get those dates and weekend getaways on your calendar today!