I (Laura) remember as I was growing up every book I read ended with these words, “…and they lived happily ever after.”

These words become instilled in our brains and we believe that our storybook life will end the same way!

Then we get married… we have kids… we work more than we want to…

… we become way too busy and those words “happily ever after” become just stuff fairy tales are made of.

Yes and No.

Life is not a fairytale but ….

We can live happily every single day. How?

Live in the moment:

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous in your marriage! Drop everything and do something unexpected!

Live for the future:

Have a plan for your marriage that you and your spouse decide together. A plan that includes regular date nights.

Live for eternity:

Trusting your life and your marriage to Jesus.  I know that we both love Jesus more than we love each other… and it makes all the difference in the world to living…

“Happily ever after!”