In our family, the week after Christmas before the kids go back to school has always been… anticlimactic.

You know you build up so much to Christmas, then once Christmas is over, there’s a lot of time there before routines and schedules get back into rhythm. We call this the after Christmas blues.

But we have some ideas to attack those blues and take advantage of the time you have as a family. We always plan a big trip or a fun outing that the kids really look forward to for that in between week.

It might be a road trip to grandma’s house or a weekend in a resort. When I (Jay) was a kid growing up in Michigan, we always went skiing during that week.

I try to do something fun with each of the kids that they really want to do, just to spend some quality time together.

This year, before schedules resume and the kids go back to school, focus on making some quality memories as a family.