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Go Back to Square One

No doubt you are familiar with the phrase “back to square one”, meaning going back to the beginning or starting over. It is likely this phrase came from the early days of board games. Players move pieces across the board toward the finish line, until an unlucky roll of the dice or a bad move […]

Does your attraction to your spouse fade in marriage?

A listener to our daily radio show asked this very real and raw question: “Does your attraction to your spouse fade in marriage?” It is true that as we age, we change. Beauty, at least as the world defines it, does fade. We no longer have the bodies we had when we got married. But […]

You Can Teach an Old Dog a New Trick

I (Jay) challenge men all over the country to start a new habit once in a while that will have a positive impact on their marriage. (From Laura) Jay is living proof that the cliché is wrong. You can teach an old dog new tricks. One day, he decided that he was going to start […]

Brag on Your Spouse

It feels awesome when your husband or wife tells you how great you are. But it takes it to a whole other level when your spouse tells somebody else how great you are! Making a point to speak highly of your better half in public, to others, in front of them does so many amazing […]

How to Cope with Opposite Shifts

A reader wrote to us and asked: “My husband and I work totally opposite shifts. I work all week during the day, and he works weeknights. How can we get the time together that we need?” This is such a great question because a lot of families are dealing with this. Many couples must balance […]

Blending Families as Two Become One

When you say “I do” and choose to become one, you are beginning a process of blending. Whether you have never been married before, or you’re uniting two existing families with different habits, preferences, and customs, you are committing to now becoming one. Though Jay and I both had similar upbringings, our homes were still […]

Ask of Me

Timothy Keller said, “The only person who dares to wake a king at 3 am for a glass of water is a child.” He said this to shed light on the kind of access we have to our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings as His dearly beloved children. So often in our lives instead […]

When is it time to seek counsel for our relationship?

Knowing when to seek Godly counsel is simple really. It has to do with recognizing the ways you deal with conflict as a couple. Conflict, dealt with in a healthy way, is not inherently bad for our relationships. What is really bad for relationships is when we DON’T deal with conflict. Issues that are consistently […]

Your character is the harvest of your habits

The dictionary defines character as the moral or ethical qualities that make up a man. It is the inner stuff – what a person is made of inside. Our character may be the most important thing about us, and each day, every decision we make is forming that character. Adrian Rogers said, “Your character is […]

Do You Have the Courage to be Honest?

Often we hear from couples who listen to our daily radio feature, Celebrate Your Marriage Daily. One listener writes: “My wife and I have very spirited discussions. When we talk to each other in front of other people they think we are fighting, but we’re really just very adamant about our opinions. What should we […]