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Ask of Me

Timothy Keller said, “The only person who dares to wake a king at 3 am for a glass of water is a child.” He said this to shed light on the kind of access we have to our Heavenly Father, the King of Kings as His dearly beloved children. So often in our lives instead […]

When is it time to seek counsel for our relationship?

Knowing when to seek Godly counsel is simple really. It has to do with recognizing the ways you deal with conflict as a couple. Conflict, dealt with in a healthy way, is not inherently bad for our relationships. What is really bad for relationships is when we DON’T deal with conflict. Issues that are consistently […]

Your character is the harvest of your habits

The dictionary defines character as the moral or ethical qualities that make up a man. It is the inner stuff – what a person is made of inside. Our character may be the most important thing about us, and each day, every decision we make is forming that character. Adrian Rogers said, “Your character is […]

Do You Have the Courage to be Honest?

Often we hear from couples who listen to our daily radio feature, Celebrate Your Marriage Daily. One listener writes: “My wife and I have very spirited discussions. When we talk to each other in front of other people they think we are fighting, but we’re really just very adamant about our opinions. What should we […]

When you are feeling alone in your marriage

When you’re facing problems in your marriage, you can do one of three things… 1 – Give up and resolve to be miserable 2 – Fixate on what you think should have gone differently 3 – Choose to see the positive and make the best out of what you have been given. Life is full […]

Watch Your Words

BJ Foster of All Pro Dad tells the story of when he was eight years old, his mom was frying some hamburgers on the stove. She stepped out of the kitchen for a moment and when she returned a grease fire had started. She quickly put the pan in the sink, hoping to extinguish the fire by […]

What do you do to encourage your spouse?

There is something only you can give your spouse. Besides the obvious, you are the only spouse available to ENCOURAGE them! To encourage literally means to “give them courage.” What do you do to encourage your spouse? Just think… the words you offer have the potential to push your husband or wife over the finish […]

Plan Your Day Together

“Hey, Laura, what’s the plan today?” Over the years, we found having a plan for the day is a vital link in our chain of sanity! And it’s no secret why: time management experts say that beginning your workday with five solid minutes of organization can save you countless hours over the course of a year. […]

Marriage Role Model

What is the primary influence in the future marriages of your children? …Not the church’s teachings on marriage. …Not the pastor or youth pastor’s marriage. Your marriage is the most influential thing in their lives, and they have had a front row seat to the good, the bad and everything in between. What your child […]

Three Ways to Fall in Love Again

A great blog from All Pro Dad addresses how to keep the love alive after marriage. The first tip… always go to bed together. You don’t realize how much interaction and connection you miss out on until you make this a habit. Differing schedules can get us into a rhythm of going to bed at […]