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Plan an Unforgettable Date

According to the Frederick’s of Fierce Marriage, is not what you do or how you do it that makes a date memorable and impactful. Even if you don’t consider yourself that adventurous, you can have incredible dating experiences with your spouse by remembering the three necessary ingredients.   The first is intentional connection. Connection is […]

3 Ways to Get into Scripture as a Couple

Reading God’s Word is one way that we grow deeper in our personal walk with the Lord, and reading it together is one way that we can grow closer as a couple. If you think it’s hard to get started, here are three simple ideas you can try. One… Take a Psalm a day. Most […]

Attack the After Christmas Blues

In our family, the week after Christmas before the kids go back to school has always been… anticlimactic. You know you build up so much to Christmas, then once Christmas is over, there’s a lot of time there before routines and schedules get back into rhythm. We call this the after Christmas blues. But we […]

Turn on the Romance This Christmas

The Christmas season isn’t just one to be survived. It’s one to be enjoyed to the fullest. We want you to take advantage of the gifts Christmas gives, like the chance to be a little extra romantic. Here are 3 ways Christmas can give your marriage a little holiday spice, from All Pro Dad. Spend […]

Take Time for the Season

While Christmas is typically one of the most stressful times of the year, you can take a few steps to slow things down, enjoy the magic, and take time for the season. It’s easy to get caught up in the “to do’s” and forget the real reason for the celebrations. Take time for your spouse. […]

Blending it All

Getting on the same page in any marriage is hard work! You are two different people who have been raised in two different homes with different thoughts on money, parenting, chores, children, sex, etc. You probably even have different opinions on what to watch on TV! Jay and I both grew up in homes where […]

Silence is not Golden

“The common understanding of the day was if you love Jesus enough, your marriage will be happy.” – Kay Warren This thought pattern/attitude is both helpful and harmful. Helpful in that I believe it has kept marriages together. Harmful in that I believe the cost of staying together has been staggering. As Kay said in […]

Creating Courageous Couples

It takes courage to stay married these days. We love to golf and one of our favorite golf quotes is from Tommy Armour who said: “If you want to play golf you’ve got to learn to love the struggle”.  Boy is that true for golf, but it’s also true in marriage. It’s a struggle being […]

Lavish the good on each other

Recently on The 2018 Marriage Cruise, we were directed by Dr. Gary Chapman, to look at each other eyeball to eyeball and tell the other what we loved about them. Do you know how hard that is to do? It shouldn’t be but it is. Jay and I immediately started laughing at each other because […]

3 things that are killing your love life

My (Jay’s) mom has a famous saying…”sorry kiddo there’s no perfection in this world!” Mostly she would say that to me when I would get disappointed because my expectations for a situation went unmet.  Unmet expectations can be a real killer in relationships and are exacerbated by our culture and it’s obsession with social media, […]