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Syncing Your Marriage

httpvhd://youtu.be/WIHwsTSXxLI Jay and Laura recap about their weekend in Asheville, North Carolina at Grove Park Inn! Also, “Syncing” Your Marriage in Connection Corner. Viewer question: “What do you do when a wife desires sex more than the husband?” And Marriage in the News, good news this week: A Top US Military Commander’s commitment to marriage!

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The Downhill Side of Marriage

httpvhd://youtu.be/NT403_0jwvQ This week on #JnLTV: Showing your kids what a loving relationship looks like through example. Viewer question: “How do I know when the ‘uphill climb’ of Marriage is behind and we are on the downhill slide?”  Have you ever heard the term “Work Spouse”? Laura Has…… April 19th, 2012 /// Happy Birthday to Jay’s […]

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Get Away with Your Spouse

httpvhd://youtu.be/s6eb2WqdTzo What’s your vacation book list? Jay+Laura share their current reading list. Getting away with your spouse is important in order to get ahead! Viewer Question: In your book, you talk about the importance of “lifting your marriage”. What does it mean to lift your marriage? Answer: Create a family mission statement! Marriage in the […]

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How Often Do You Say “I Love You?”

httpvhd://youtu.be/Etmc7A7nMq0 How often do you say “I love you” to your spouse? Can you say it too often? Also, great tips for attacking the stressors in your marriage … together! And, viewer question: “How do you keep your spouse interested in you after 25 years of marriage? Sometimes, I feel like I don’t even exist!” […]

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Men’s Work? or Women’s Work?

httpvhd://youtu.be/4IyiYKTrFAA His Friends and Her Friends vs. OUR Friends. Do you and your spouse have couples as friends together? Find other couples and make long-lasting friendships. From a viewer: “My Spouse and I grew up with different rules and styles of parenting. How do we raise our own children?” Compromise is key! and eliminating opportunities […]

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5 Great Dates with Your Spouse

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcwUCi-kY6k Can you be in the perfect marriage and still be unhappy? Is your own unhappiness reason for divorce? Also, in this episode is dating important to marriage? Jay and Laura share a great tip to 5 great dates with your spouse! And finally, in Real Life with Jay & Laura, which is worse – […]