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Go Hunting For Your Wife

I (Jay) did not grow up a hunter. However, a few years ago some buddies of mine from Compassion International asked me to go on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota. At first I declined, admitting I did not know the least bit about pheasant hunting. But my friend Steve insisted it was no big deal and I […]

Take The Just-Because Challenge

Every May and October, we host a marriage conference at Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The 130-year-old wood-frame hotel, with over 380 uniquely decorated rooms and a front porch that is more than two football fields in length, looks out over the straits of Mackinac. It is the perfect romantic setting for couples to […]

A Simple Way To Build Intimacy In Marriage

We live in Michigan, and in Michigan, Labor Day marks the “official” end of summer. School starts the day after Labor Day, and it feels like a fresh start for us all. We would like to challenge you to a fresh start by adding a new habit to your marriage – dating! The following is […]

Beat the Dog Days of Summer as a Couple

We know, we know, we know … when will these kids go back to school! August can be a rough time in the life of a family. In June we cannot wait for the drudgery of the school routine to be done, but by the Fourth of July, we start wondering when these kids are gonna go back to school. When August hits, parents can literally be […]

Masquerading as the ordinary is exhausting

I (Laura) love collecting all the catalogs that come in over the week and taking time on Saturday to look through them all very diligently to make sure I am not missing anything I might need! Perusing the catalog is cheaper than going to the actual store. I mark the items I love and must […]

Declare A State Of Interdependence!

This month we celebrate Independence Day. We can all be thankful for the courage and foresight of our country’s founding fathers. What a privilege to live free. In marriage, however, independence can be a destructive force that pulls a couple apart rather than brings them closer together. A better word for marriage would be interdependence. Dictionary.com defines interdependence as “the quality or […]

You were created for more

As women we unnecessarily spend countless hours trying to be something or someone we are not. Let’s be honest! We pay to have our hair color of choice. We run, walk, lift weights, practice yoga, and heft a kettle ball to keep up with the latest trending movie star. We spread hot wax all over […]

Encouraging The Boy Inside Your Man

I am an eight-year-old who shaves. I bet that got your attention! But it is true. I (Jay) can admit it. I remind Laura all the time that I am just an eight-year-old who shaves. I (Laura) know that we women think that when we get married, our husband will change. He will grow up, right? We think we can change our […]

The Comparison Game: A Destructive Pastime

My mom is an amazing cook. Her mom was a good cook, and she carried on the legacy – biscuits and sausage gravy, goulash, morel mushroom bisque, and homemade bread. I will never forget the Saturday mornings of my childhood. Mom baked bread – loaves and loaves of bread. When she took it out of […]

Budget is NOT a 4 Letter Word

The freedom of a budget I (Laura) was not taught how to budget money, and as a result, I used to think budget was a four-letter word. For a while, I cringed every time Jay said it because I knew he was trying to reign in my spending. But now I realize how amazing that […]