Being intentional in life will reap you great rewards. When you intentionally save money on a monthly basis and put it in a retirement account you will reap rewards when that time comes to retire. When you intentionally make a grocery list when the time comes for shopping you will not spend more than you need and you will come home with everything you need! When you intentionally exercise on a regular basis you will reap the rewards of being healthier and feeling better. When you intentionally invest in your spouse and in your marriage you will grow your marriage and keep the romance alive!

Here is a great blog written by Kevin A. Thompson and republished by Family Share. Kevin gives us 5 tips for being intentional with our spouse. From Kevin Thompson:

“If your marriage requires anything, it requires intention. To the extent that both spouses are intentional about keeping the marriage healthy, the marriage will thrive. Apathy will slowly erode a marriage, but intention will cause it to continually grow.”

Be intentional in life, but more importantly be intentional in your marriage and in loving your spouse.

Kevin Thompson’s book, “Friends, Partners, and Lovers: What It Takes to Make Your Marriage Work.”