Don’t Get Stung In Your Marriage!

A Bee Epidemic!  We have had a problem with bees, specifically yellow jackets, this summer! They built a huge hive in a tree in our backyard. They were working on building two more in the gutters of the house, and behind an electrical outlet!

Jay and I thought about taking care of the problem ourselves. I mean how hard could it be to get some bee spray and just kill them!

The further we investigated the quicker decided that the problem was bigger than we could handle.

We called an expert! He had to make several visits but the problem is solved.

Many of us have problems in our marriage. Problems we think we can handle. Only to discover there are bigger than we thought. We cannot be afraid to call an expert! Don’t let your marriage get “stung”! If you are experiencing some difficulties in your marriage, please seek out an expert.

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