It feels awesome when your husband or wife tells you how great you are.

But it takes it to a whole other level when your spouse tells somebody else how great you are!

Making a point to speak highly of your better half in public, to others, in front of them does so many amazing things for your marriage, I wonder why we don’t make a habit of doing it more often.

First, it lifts your spouse up. Words are powerful, and let’s face it, we probably don’t speak verbal encouragements enough.

Second, our own ears need to hear it. It’s true that our brains absorb more of what we repeat with our mouths. What we speak and what we hear ourselves say has a way of fulfilling itself.

It affair-proofs your marriage. A couple who is vocal with their praise for one another is less likely to get hit with temptation from the outside. Praise creates an atmosphere of respect around you and your spouse, protecting and insulating your marriage.