My spouse's travel partner is the opposite sex. What can I do?

Is your spouse's travel partner the opposite sex? This happens more often than you would expect! As a professional career person, many people are required to travel and often their travel companion is of the opposite sex. Is this your situation?…

The ART of Arguing

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Laura and I argue... A LOT! We argue: In the morning At night About our kids About dinner About money About getting the mail About sex You name it, we’ve probably argued about it! You see I’m a first born who always thinks he’s…

Disposable Relationships

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So can someone explain to me how we have become a culture of disposable relationships?! Every week I hear of some other couple that has decided to call it quits. The ones that hit home the hardest are those of friends, or even just acquaintances,but…

Women vs. Men

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This was forwarded to us by one of our good friends.  Great laugh for the day... Women vs. Men INSTRUCTIONS: Ladies, Read Only The First Part -- Men, read to The End!  A woman was out golfing one day when she hit the ball into the…

Hammer and a Nail

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A great lesson for those of us (Jay) with anger issues~~ Ron, a 9-year old boy, was being raised by his mother who didn't know how to cope with his uncontrollable temper. She knew he was angry that his father had abandoned him and she tried…

Men~ Ever Thought of Her Orgasm As Your Duty?

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Let's make this is short and sweet because I know you are dying to read on... “. . . Judaism took the idea of sexual obligation so seriously as to protect a woman’s sexual pleasure, as opposed to simply her right to take part regularly…

A Trip of Compassion

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httpvhd:// This week on Jay & Laura TV - Peter Brooks and Shannyn Caldwell from Family Life Radio join us to share about their trip to Colombia with Compassion International! Want more info about sponsoring a child with…

The Benefits of Sex

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httpvhd:// This week on Jay & Laura TV - A viewer asks "Is sex all there is?!" Watch this week's episode and tell us your response, too!

Fighting Fair

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httpv:// This week on Jay and Laura TV - Welcome to the NEW Studio! Plus Jay & Laura answer a viewer question - how do you fight fair? Do you have a question you'd like us to highlight? Post it on our Facebook page or…

Lead Follow or Serve

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httpvhd:// Leading, Submitting, yada yada yada... How about serving each other? Start there.