A listener to our daily radio show asked this very real and raw question: “Does your attraction to your spouse fade in marriage?”

It is true that as we age, we change. Beauty, at least as the world defines it, does fade. We no longer have the bodies we had when we got married. But attraction is more than purely physical.

For both men and women our attitude and confidence have a great impact on our attractiveness. How we carry ourselves and how we speak to others will either invite your spouse or repel them. A smile, a laugh, a kind word are attractive!

If something has changed in your relationship, ask yourself if your own attitude has changed. How do you speak to and treat your spouse?

Another thing to consider is that one or both of you have become lazy in the relationship. When complacency enters in, we stop making an effort for our spouse, and things get boring and uninteresting.

While there may be underlying issues at play that require more help, try these tips first to get that spark back.