I (Laura) grew up without a garbage disposal…I know 1st world problem…but remember it was the 60’s.  Anyway my mom chose a dishwasher over a garbage disposal so we never had one…only problem?  How disgusting the garbage would get!  Egg shells, coffee, leftover food, BABY DIAPERS!  It was awful, but we had to take it out.

Early in our marriage Jay and I had noticed we had relational garbage piling up.  He was demanding, I was selfish, he was curt, I was sarcastic, he was bossy, I was belligerent.  One tear-filled evening we talked it out and determined our marital garbage needed to be taken out.

We meet so many couples who are on the brink of divorce never realizing that all they really need to do it “take out the garbage” by rationally talking through the issue they are facing.

Some people are ready to throw in the towel without taking out the garbage and can’t seem to realize they’ll take the same garbage to their next relationship.

Take out your relational garbage by talking it out…need help?  See a professional to help you navigate your issues!