When was the last time you and your spouse were able to get away — just the two of you?

For some the answer might be, “Our honeymoon!”

Most couples do not understand the importance of getting away together.  We recommend couples make a plan to get away and get ahead at least two times a year. You will reap benefits both personally and in your marriage.

Get away to “play” together. Go do something fun together.

Getting away for some fun will help keep the spark in your marriage and keep the romance alive.

“Play” looks different for every couple. Some like to cook together, some like to hike or canoe. For us golf is play, all summer long we schedule a day to go play 9 holes of golf.

Get away once a year to “work” on your marriage together.

Attending a marriage seminar or workshop will give you the tools you need to make your marriage strong. If you pick the right one, it’ll be fun to boot!

Going to a marriage workshop is like taking your car in for scheduled maintenance. Bottom line is, that preventative maintenance in your marriage will keep you from major issues down the road.

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

Over the years we’ve heard all the excuses:

“It’s too expensive.”

“What do we do with the kids?”

“We like to do different things.”

These excuses are obstacles that are easily overcome when you understand the enormous benefits that getting away and getting ahead bring to your relationship.

Again, getting away and getting ahead is a lot cheaper than marriage counseling, and it’s more fun too!

The Benefits


When I, Jay, was a young boy, my father would sit on the floor outside my bedroom door after Sunday Lunch and make me close my eyes until I fell asleep.

I was a hyper kid and I did NOT like to rest.

My dad however knew that the rest of the family needed a break from ME!

Taking time to do something different gives REST to your soul. It allows you to step away from the day to day pressures and breathe. Forgetting about the daily hassles won’t make them go away but it will give you a renewed perspective.

You may plan an action packed fun filled week away, but you’re still getting a “rest” from life and the routine back home.  We’ve been on many vacations where we said near the end of the week, “Can’t wait to get back home and SLEEP!”


Sometimes you can get away just for the day.

Last week, we were running an errand and planned to be back home around lunchtime. Instead we decided to make a day of it and ended up having lunch out and doing some shopping for nothing in particular.

It was a really great day! Nothing planned, just spontaneous.

RECREATION literally means “RE-Creating.”

Fitness guru’s understand the importance of cross training. Cross training forces you to use new muscle groups and requires different focus and skill sets. In the end that cross training will benefit your entire physiology. In the same way, RECREATION works for your marriage, actually utilizing new “muscle groups” in your relationship.


Rejuvenation actually means to make YOUNG again, renewing your love.

We all remember how we felt when we were young and in love. Science tells us that those feelings fade after about 18 months unless we purposefully act to keep the spark alive.

Getting away for the weekend is sure to add some “sizzle” back in your marriage. Just the two of you shopping the Magnificent Mile in Chicago or hiking a trail along a lake is sure to bring back those memories of when you were young.

Getting away if even for a day to someplace romantic will spark in you and your spouse a new and rejuvenated love for each other and will make your marriage thrive.


…remembering why you fell in love in the first place; whatever stage of life you are in:

  • Newlyweds that are just starting out
  • Young parents with kids clamoring for every minute
  • Parents of pre-teens and teens that are carting kids in a million different directions
  • Empty-nesters that are now stuck with only each other

Life has a way of disconnecting us as a married couple. Kids, jobs, and even ministries can pull us in different directions.

We need to find time — a day, an evening, weekend, or an entire week — to reconnect with our spouse.

Disconnect from the daily obligations and reconnect with each other!

We put doctor’s appointments, auto repairs and many other important days on our calendar, let’s treat our marriage with the same respect!

So get out your calendar and make a plan to get away and get ahead!