You are a marriage EXPERT!

Never thought of yourself as a “marriage expert”?  Well you are reading this because you are part of a nation-wide marriage community.  We are all here to support, encourage and teach each other.

If we don’t collectively keep the community alive and growing, countless marriages could end up in divorce impacting thousands of children, extended families, companies and even churches.

Helping marriages thrive is why Celebrate Ministries exists!

“Today you saved my marriage, for the first time in over 20 years my husband agreed to start working on our marriage.”  Celeste, Delaware.

We get dozens of emails, FB messages and personal messages, every week, with comments just like this one.

We know that all marriages struggle, and if you are anything like us, you’ve faced your share of challenges and struggles.  BUT, together we can encourage, support and teach each other how to navigate this blessing called marriage.


Today is #Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for people like just like you to donate to ministries that impact people daily.  We want to ask you to help keep Celebrate Ministries’ marriage community healthy and growing so that collectively we can continue to save marriages like Celeste’s.

Your tax deductible donation to Celebrate Ministries will help us as we work daily with people just like Celeste.

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Thank you and have a great #GivingTuesday!