A reader wrote to us and asked:

“My husband and I work totally opposite shifts. I work all week during the day, and he works weeknights. How can we get the time together that we need?”

This is such a great question because a lot of families are dealing with this. Many couples must balance differing schedules and still find time together. Getting creative and being intentional are both key here.

If it is not possible to coordinate your work schedules, try at least to coordinate your days off. It sounds like this couple has weekends together. Divide up the errands, household chores, and grocery shopping between the two of you during the week, so you can really enjoy your weekends together.

And make sure you communicate through the week! Even if you can’t sit down together for one meal each day or have a cup of coffee together in the mornings, shoot each other messages throughout the day. Drop by for a quick lunch together or call each other on a break.

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