How many times a day do you find yourself saying “hurry!”

If you are like me, for years I said it several times each morning to a slow child not wanting to go to school. I say it every Sunday morning when the preacher is not done and my stomach is growling! As I run each day and just want to be finished with the pain, I try to hurry!

How much do we miss in life by living in a “hurry!”? It is like a good book. I always want to get to the end and see what happens that I skip over some important details of the story. When we live in a “hurry!” we are missing some important details of the story God has for us.  If we are always thinking we must “hurry!”, we will live our lives in a “hurry!” and miss out on some of the journey.

One of my favorite sayings is “Dance like no one is watching, love as though you have never been hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live as though heaven is on earth.”

Slow down today and enjoy the journey!