Woke up this morning and found a puddle in front of our kitchen sink.  I opened the cabinet doors to find a mini-swimming pool inside the cabinet under our sink…remember I haven’t had my coffee yet!

I tell Laura we have a problem and dutifully start taking out our trash can, and innumerable amounts of cleaning supplies out from under the sink. I’m removing wet, gross, bottles, sponges, sponge holders and various other soaking wet “STUFF”!  from under the sink. I wish I’d said “stuff”  to Laura, but that wasn’t the word that came out of my mouth…remember I haven’t had my coffee yet!

We take out all of the “stuff” only to discover that we have a cracked garbage disposal and water is leaking everywhere.  Thankfully we turned off the water to stop the disaster. A very smart move on my part…remember I haven’t had my coffee yet!

Understand, I’m “Home Improvement Impaired” I can hardly change a lightbulb without breaking something, so this was a MAJOR DISASTER!

I had to call an expert. Lucky for me I have Adam’s Plumbing and Heating on speed dial.  When I talked to Phil he said that Randy was in between jobs and could come right over.  I’m drinking coffee now and feeling better.

Within an hour of my phone call, Randy showed up, installed a new disposal, shook my hand and was out the door! PROBLEM SOLVED!  I’m on cup of coffee number two now and feeling grateful I was wise enough to call an expert!

Sometimes our marriages need an expert…here are our recommendations:


What kind of disasters have you lived through?  Where did you find an expert?