When Grace was 12 we took a family mission trip to Africa.  After seeing the enormous amount of poverty and the travesty of 3rd world conditions, Grace bought a wood carved giraffe and named it “Lalamika”.

When I asked her what the name meant she said it was the Swahili word for “complain”.  She went on to say that after what she’d seen she never had the right to complain about her life again.

Fast forward to today…

We’re at a family camp getting ready to speak to the mom’s and dad’s on our book He Said She Said.  Four phrases each for the men to speak to the women and the women to speak to the men.

Along with these four phrases we asked over 1000 married men “What one thing would you change about women in general?” The overwhelming answer?  “That women would complain less” … and some other words we’ll choose not to print!

So ladies…make your man’s day today and take a lesson from Lalamika!