Some days I think I married the meanest woman on the planet.  A woman who takes delight in making me look like a dork.  OK, OK most days I take care of the dorky-ness all on my own.  But other days she sets me up…perfectly!

Some of you have heard us tell this story in the past couple months but I just can’t move on…

It was a Saturday morning and we were at home, a rarity for us.  We took the opportunity to sleep in and planned a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing! I left the family room and padded my way to the kitchen for a final cup of coffee.

There it was in the middle of the floor, a BIG black bug, or at least that’s what I thought it was.

Pictured here:

Screenshot 2014-07-08 13.24.27

So coffee cup in one hand and iPad mini in the other, I start to make a big production out of killing this bug.  “Take THAT you little bugger as I repeatedly pounded my foot on the floor.  Only problem is that with every THUMP! the bug seemed to bounce back to its original size.

I increased the intensity and frequency of my attack and then for some reason I turn to say something to Laura only to find her on the floor laughing out loud at me. She said she’d never seen anything so entertaining in all her life than me in my PJ’s, Bed head with my hair going every direction, arms full trying to kill this “bug”

As it turned out, Laura had seen the bug earlier and when she bent down to pick it up noticed it was not a bug but was in fact a large piece of black lint that had come out of a new pair of socks.  She decided to leave it on the floor knowing full well that either Grace or I would make a scene and she’d have some free entertainment….like I said…she’s mean! OK so maybe Laura isn’t so mean afterall.  She says she’s just mischievous! She definitely keeps me on my toes.