What is the primary influence in the future marriages of your children?

…Not the church’s teachings on marriage.

…Not the pastor or youth pastor’s marriage.

Your marriage is the most influential thing in their lives, and they have had a front row seat to the good, the bad and everything in between.

What your child sees modeled to them growing up becomes what they believe is normal.

If they grow up witnessing or experiencing abuse, verbal or otherwise, they will believe that they can expect no better.

If they experience a marriage that fights for love, respect, and unity even through difficulty, they will be much more likely to fight for that in their own marriage someday.

Be the marriage that you hope your children will have.

Sure, no marriage is perfect, but expect that issues will arise and commit to working through them. The level of commitment your children see in your marriage will be their normal, and you will set them up for a great relationship down the road.