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Love can leave us speechless, grasping for words that won’t come and shaking our heads knowing we cannot describe what is happening to us. We will never be the same. Love is the expression we show toward others when we are living in the presence of God. In 1 John 4:16 we read: “God is […]

This week we have the privilege of speaking with our good friend, Joe Castillo. Joe is an expert on crafting a story in the best way. He has applied his creative genius to the challenge of communication. His unique content stimulates the mind, creative SandStories capture the eye, powerful music engages the ear and success […]

Are you full or empty? Wouldn’t it be great if every day we could be privy to a little gas gauge on the forehead of those around us that would let us know if they were full or empty? Life would be so much easier to handle because we would know why our spouse yelled […]

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