An Interview with Comedian Leanne Morgan

Leanne Morgan exudes southern charm. She is a naturally funny storyteller who gives an […]

Acts of Renewal – an interview with Jim & Carol Shores

We enjoy a lively conversation today with Jim and Carol Shores, also known as […]

Choosing to Learn How Your Spouse is Smart

We cannot expect to become mentally intimate with our spouse without work. We have […]

It’s not how smart you are, it’s how you are smart!

We all can identify with the fact that we think differently than our spouse! […]

Growing your friendship with your spouse

Social intimacy is the foundation of a great marriage: playing together, enjoying each other’s […]

How to recapture your friendship with your spouse

Many people have never thought about being socially intimate with their spouses. We begin […]

5 areas of intimacy to grow in your marriage

We believe the key to unlocking celebration in your marriage begins with something we […]

Let the games begin!

Hebrews 13:1-4 (MSG) says: “God honors marriage. Honor marriage and guard the sacredness of […]

How to make your marriage a winning team!

On this episode, we take a lesson from football to make your marriage a […]

How to look away from your phone and back at your spouse

Does your spouse pay more attention to their phone than to you? On this […]

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