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We cannot expect to become mentally intimate with our spouse without work. We have to discover our spouse’s intelligence, choose to learn, listen, and become acquainted with their interests. Make a deliberate choice to discover what makes your spouse tick, and how they are wired differently than you are. Listen in now. Shoutout from a […]

We all can identify with the fact that we think differently than our spouse! For example, when Jay says “Let’s go into the city”, he means, “Let’s go test drive cars.” I (Laura) think he means, “Let’s go shopping at the mall!” When we begin to accept our differences mentally, we begin to experience the […]

Social intimacy is the foundation of a great marriage: playing together, enjoying each other’s company, taking a walk, test driving a car. It begins by blending many of the interests of your two lives into one. A simple way to build social intimacy into your marriage is to spend time together. It seems obvious, but […]

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