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The busyness that seems to overtake us during the holidays can develop a feeling of being disconnected from the ones we love. Creating family Christmas traditions can help you reconnect with each other through time well spent. Christmas traditions build memories that your children can take with them as they go on and create Christmas […]

Take these 2 simple steps with your spouse and make time for your marriage during this busy holiday season. When you invest time in your marriage — especially during the Christmas season — you are communicating to your spouse and to everyone else watching that your priority is your marriage relationship. LISTENER SHOUT-OUT OF THE […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But oftentimes, the holidays magnify the issues we struggle with throughout the year such as unmet and unrealistic expectations. If you’re looking for a greater connection with the loved ones in your life, you’ll find it necessary to manage your expectations. When you know exactly what to […]

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