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Take these 2 simple steps with your spouse and make time for your marriage during this busy holiday season. When you invest time in your marriage — especially during the Christmas season — you are communicating to your spouse and to everyone else watching that your priority is your marriage relationship. LISTENER SHOUT-OUT OF THE […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But oftentimes, the holidays magnify the issues we struggle with throughout the year such as unmet and unrealistic expectations. If you’re looking for a greater connection with the loved ones in your life, you’ll find it necessary to manage your expectations. When you know exactly what to […]

Creating a Family Mission Statement Part 2 Are you as 100% disciplined in your marriage as you want to be? Listen in to discover how creating a family mission statement will allow you to build positive personal habits. Missed last week’s podcast? Check it out –  Creating a Family Mission Statement Part 1 Here LISTENER SHOUT-OUT OF […]

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