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Many people have never thought about being socially intimate with their spouses. We begin dating and we enjoy this person’s companionship. We have common interests. We are friends. Then somewhere along the line, we fall in love. For some, it happens quickly, for others over time, but we begin to discover that we’ve become more […]

We believe the key to unlocking celebration in your marriage begins with something we all desire – intimacy. It is the building and developing of intimacy that will help you celebrate your marriage. Intimacy is a tough subject because it means so many things to so many people. Intimacy actually exists in five different facets […]

Hebrews 13:1-4 (MSG) says: “God honors marriage. Honor marriage and guard the sacredness of sexual intimacy between wife and husband. God draws a firm line against casual and elicit sex.” God desires that you and your husband have a wonderful satisfying sex life. That begins when you pursue each other. Listen in now. Listener Shout-Out […]

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