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On this episode of Married for Life, we are joined by our good friends Keith and Shaundra Rushing of Better Half Ministries. Keith and Shaundra know what it’s like to try a marriage relationship built on the wrong foundation. After dealing with addiction and infidelity, in 2001 they filed for divorce and almost lost each […]

Do you want to leave a legacy that points people to Christ? If so, you must be persistent in your daily habits. When you live a purposeful life, you will leave a legacy that points other people to Jesus. Listen in to this week’s episode for four daily habits that will ensure you leave a […]

Just as we talked about in the last episode, leading and being led isn’t about roles or gender. It is more about an attitude towards your spouse and their gifts and abilities. What is it that you do well? And what is it that your spouse does well? Now is the time to understand you […]

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