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If you don’t know more today than you did yesterday, then you’ve wasted a chance to learn. Life is increasing what you learn each day to amass your knowledge – it’s cumulative! Life is cumulative—marriage is cumulative! Each one of us can build a marriage that is vibrant and growing, by developing the characteristics that […]

Laughter has been life-giving in our marriage! Like air and water, we would not have been able to survive without it. We have always been able to laugh at each other—that’s the easy part. We have also had to learn to laugh at ourselves. For us, laughter has changed the course of many arguments. Laughter […]

What are you expecting this year? In our experience, we’ve found that New Year’s resolutions don’t work. But the good news is that setting goals DOES work! Listen in as we give you some pointers for setting smart goals for your marriage in 2019. LISTENER SHOUT-OUT OF THE WEEK I just wanted to say how […]

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