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We believe marriage was created to be a celebration. And when couples give themselves permission to celebrate, their relationship is enhanced by the ceremony … the festivity. Listen in now for 4 benefits you will experience when you celebrate your marriage. Listener Shout-Out of the Week I’m truly enjoying your podcasts. Regarding this week’s podcast, […]

On this episode of Married for Life, we are joined by our good friends Keith and Shaundra Rushing of Better Half Ministries. Keith and Shaundra know what it’s like to try a marriage relationship built on the wrong foundation. After dealing with addiction and infidelity, in 2001 they filed for divorce and almost lost each […]

Do you want to leave a legacy that points people to Christ? If so, you must be persistent in your daily habits. When you live a purposeful life, you will leave a legacy that points other people to Jesus. Listen in to this week’s episode for four daily habits that will ensure you leave a […]

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