According to the Frederick’s of Fierce Marriage, is not what you do or how you do it that makes a date memorable and impactful. Even if you don’t consider yourself that adventurous, you can have incredible dating experiences with your spouse by remembering the three necessary ingredients.  

The first is intentional connection. Connection is what marriage is all about, and intentional means it doesn’t happen on its own. A practical application? Maybe leave your phone at home.

Second ingredient is creativity. Now don’t whine that you’re not a creative person. When you actually have to think about an idea, plan ahead and flesh it out, you’re bought into it. There’s nothing wrong with Netflix and chill, but it is too easily our go-to.

Third is time and energy. Distractions often absorb most of our resources and we have none left for dating our spouse. A date becomes unforgettable when you create margin in your day and reserve some of that energy for your spouse.

It’s that easy!