“Hey, Laura, what’s the plan today?”

Over the years, we found having a plan for the day is a vital link in our chain of sanity!

And it’s no secret why: time management experts say that beginning your workday with five solid minutes of organization can save you countless hours over the course of a year.

We believe the same is true for marital communication: those five minutes of planning together can save numerous arguments and misunderstandings in just one day’s time. That’s why we instituted this rhythm for our marriage…

On the first working day of the month, we review all appointments together. Every Monday morning, we take a few minutes to review our calendars for the week, and every morning we briefly review our “plan” for the day.

Sound too much like the military?

We thought so, too, until we realized the freedom of no more double bookings, missed appointments, frustration…

And especially no more hurt feelings because blunderhead forgot date night. Daily or weekly, regular planning with your spouse leads to a smoother life, and a smoother marriage.