Simply Being

It’s what God wants of us … especially in our relationship with our spouse.

We get so wrapped up in all that we think we need to DO every day. God doesn’t want us to constantly “do” things in our marriage He wants us to simply be.

Listener Shout-Out of the Week

Jay & Laura, first off I want to thank you for all that you do for us married folk that struggle to get it right. My wife & I attended the UDN here in Yuma this past Friday, after our pastor invited us to join him & his wife and I’m sure glad we did. I learned things and was reminded of other things that are very important for us husbands to do for our wives to feel secure in our relationship. I definitely left there challenged and I will definitely step up to it.

To answer your question, the greatest challenge in my relationship right now is to follow through with what I have learned.

I’m looking forward to the video series & what I will learn. May God continue to bless you, your family & the ministry that He has given you.

Thank you,

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