Just as we talked about in the last episode, leading and being led isn’t about roles or gender. It is more about an attitude towards your spouse and their gifts and abilities.

What is it that you do well?

And what is it that your spouse does well?

Now is the time to understand you can learn from each other.

Listener Shout-Out of the Week

Biggest struggle – Refocusing on our relationship after the nest becomes empty. I have been searching for a video/bible series for those in the same boat or shall I say nest as us, with no luck. If you have a resource or lead on a resource I would love it, and if you don’t have one, maybe you would consider creating one! This would be very valuable for us and others that are at that point in their life!

Thanks for a fun night and good laughs! So many times after either attending a seminar, or watching a Christian based (love dare, etc) movie, my hubby and I will go home and have a disagreement. Saturday was the first time that we didn’t. Just went home and laughed, and started to implement the recommendations that you provided.

Thanks again!


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