Social intimacy is the foundation of a great marriage: playing together, enjoying each other’s company, taking a walk, test driving a car. It begins by blending many of the interests of your two lives into one.

A simple way to build social intimacy into your marriage is to spend time together. It seems obvious, but for some reason, when we get married, we can forget to date. It can be a struggle to find time to spend together and nurture social intimacy.

Listen in now.

Shoutout to a Listener

Our greatest challenge is my husband’s business and our estate planning process in regards to that and other assets etc. I’ve been a stay at home mom raising our 8 children.

His, mine and ours. Money, secrets and oh boy! It seems it’s only my problem to him.

How can we get on the same page? It seems messy.



Mentioned on this episode

  • How to create a Family Mission Statement
  • Create a list of Date Night ideas:
    • Each of you write down 5 activities you’d like to do on a date.
    • Take your five great dates individually and then mesh them together. They will become your great date arsenal.
    • Mark it down on the calendar!
  • What first attracted you to your spouse?
  • What common interests do you have?
  • How often do you date?
  • What detractors can you identify in your marriage to social intimacy?