We are privileged to be joined by Dr. David and Terri Sumlin of Marriage Life Ministries on the podcast this week. David and Terri were with us on The Marriage Cruise just a short while ago and sat down with us to have a great conversation about the difference between men and women.

One of the topics for which we are passionate about is helping husbands learn how to pursue their wives in a way that is meaningful to her and helping wives learn how to believe that their husbands have what it takes to be successful. In short, “How husbands pursue their wives and how wives believe in their husbands.”

The Sumlins are co-founders of Marriage Life Ministries and authors of the Intimacy of Marriage®Oneness of Marriage®, and Marriage Innovators Workshop® series designed to help couples enrich their marriages through the application of biblical principles and adventure-based learning.

Their unique approach to marital enrichment is built upon some of the advances found in neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and adventure-based therapy, which were then tested through the lens of God’s word for validation. The result is an Adventure-Based Marital Enrichment model that helps couples derive behavioral transformation and increased levels of sustained learning. While traditional therapeutic approaches can yield low to moderate success in terms of marital outcomes, couples who participate in our programs are 84% more likely to report having sustained levels of increased marital satisfaction long after the program has ended. Find out more on their website at MarriageLifeMinistries.com.

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The Sumlin’s website – MarriageLifeMinistries.com