Many people have never thought about being socially intimate with their spouses.

We begin dating and we enjoy this person’s companionship. We have common interests. We are friends. Then somewhere along the line, we fall in love. For some, it happens quickly, for others over time, but we begin to discover that we’ve become more than friends. We become lovers. For some reason when this happens, very often, we cease being friends.

We stand at the altar and say “I do.” The marriage begins. Life settles in, careers, cars to buy, a mortgage and obligations. Children are born, more obligations. Careers take off, and responsibilities rise. Suddenly we discover that our friendship as well as the time to nurture it no longer exists. Oh sure, we have friends, just not each other!

Social intimacy is recapturing friendship in your relationship. It all comes down to dating your spouse and blending your individual interests together.

Listen in now.

Listener Shout-Out of the Week

Jay and Laura, thank you for the Ultimate Date Night! You both were fun and educational. We are in our early 70’s and have only been married one year and 10 months. We are both very active in community and business. My wife is especially involved in nonprofits. I still operate my trucking company. Because we have been involved in so many things over the years and have so many wonderful relationships with friends and business responsibilities, our calendars fill quickly. So to answer your question, it is difficult to set aside time for each other. We spend time on daily devotionals and that is number one. But then other responsibilities seem to overpower our good intent to focus on each other. What would you suggest?


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