In the best marriages we “lay down our life” for the good of the union. We can look to Jesus Christ as the best example of how to lay down our lives for our spouse.

Listener Shout-Out of the Week

Dear Jay & Laura…

The greatest challenge in our relationship is my lack of a sex drive. Before our daughter was born, we did pretty good. However, after our daughter was born, my sex drive left. My husband thought there was something wrong with him, but I have convinced him it is me although I am not sure what happened or why. When we do have sex, it is because he initiated it and I know it bothers him that I don’t initiate. I Love My Husband, but I am not sure how to change my drive.

Serving Him Together…


PS…We truly enjoyed your show. You appear authentic, speak the truth, and make it hilarious! We are thankful to have been introduced to Thrivent because had it not been for them, we would not have been able to afford to see your show. However, we are hoping to save up enough money to attend one of your cruises. Also, the video was great and we look forward to the next 3 sessions.

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