The busyness that seems to overtake us during the holidays can develop a feeling of being disconnected from the ones we love. Creating family Christmas traditions can help you reconnect with each other through time well spent.

Christmas traditions build memories that your children can take with them as they go on and create Christmas traditions with their own families. It’s also important to establish new traditions, too, to help you bond as a family through each season of life.


The biggest struggle (from my viewpoint) is that we are at different places spiritually. I have fully submitted to the Lord and desire to find His will for my life. My husband is insistent in living for his flesh. This creates many barriers and frustrations. Sharing, encouraging and witnessing is taken as “preaching ” or that I’m telling him what to do. If i go along with him, I am uncomfortable in worldly situations and environments. The things he wants are the opposite of the things I study in the Bible. Aaahhh!
Laying it all out there,

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