All of life is seasons.  All of marriage is seasons.

Newlywed season.  Children season.  Teenage season.  Empty nest season.  Everything is great season.  Crisis season.  Great sex season…

Not-so-great sex season.

To rise above a sinking sex life you have to understand what to do with the seasons.

What do you do with seasons?  You live thru them! You learn from them!  You look forward to the next season!

  • Live thru them:  Understand that you are on a journey.  Life isn’t a sprint to the finish line and neither is marriage.  Take each day as it comes!
  • Learn from them:  Marriage causes us to learn.  We learn  things about our spouse we didn’t know and things about ourselves that we didn’t know.  Be a lifelong learner!
  • Look Forward the the next season:  Realize that whatever season you are in right now is only a season.  It too will pass and you will move on to another.

Let’s rise above a sinking sex life.