Our Facebook marriage community has grown by 70% in 2014 and now has over 6,000 community members.

What’s more amazing to us is the interaction we’re receiving.  Some of our posts have gotten over 100 comments from people all over the country. We’re helping people celebrate their marriage by giving them advice, tips, conversation starters, encouragement, teaching, and creating a community that allows them to help and support each other! Here’s one example:

  • Laura asked the question “What lies does our culture tells us about being women, wives and mothers?  We had over over 100 comments. Here’s a sample:
    • Megan:  I’m not even a mom yet, but I hear so much about being a stay at home mom being looked down upon. I think it’s such an important job, but our society sees it differently. Also that being submissive to your husband means he bosses you around and have no rights or something.

    • Mallory: I wanted to thank you for this. I’m glad to see non-parents are actually still supporting stay at homes because I am one and I feel like many people think I’m simply lazy or a leech on my husband, even though he says he’d rather have me home raising the kids that a daycare and that I can have a job if its that important to me.
    • Megan: I can see the difference in children who have involved parents! You are raising up the future

We need to grow our online presence even more and we need your help!  Tuesday December 2nd is entitled Giving Tuesday.  Would you begin praying about how you can help Celebrate Ministries save marriages using Facebook?