The list of private issues, between a husband and wife is lengthy. Things like finances, church problems, job stress, how you will discipline your kids and deal with family should be discussed solely between a husband and wife before it is common knowledge to everyone in the home.

While you may not often think about needing to protect your privacy, there are lots of circumstances that affect a couple’s ability to handle issues in confidence. Many couples today are starting out living with parents or sharing rent with a roommate. In a different stage of life, you may have a house full of kids, teenagers or family members living with you.

In any case, this can make getting and staying on the same page with your spouse in day-to-day decisions a little more difficult.

If you don’t live alone, as most don’t, seek to keep private issues private and in doing so, honor your spouse. This gives respect to both partners and solidifies the unity between the two of you.