The Bible is clear in its praise for diligence, hard work, and good old sweat equity. But it also commands us to seek rest, and not to rely on our own strength.

Some of the most burned-out, overstressed people can be found in the church, both volunteers and employees. Why is that? Because we have forgotten that WE are not the ones responsible to minister to the body. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. He merely chooses to use us in HIS work.

There’s a difference between a body at rest, and a soul at rest. We are instructed to diligently go about our work – not as if it depends on us, but out of the overflow of God’s presence – at peace, relaxed, free from fear, at rest.

Maintaining a soul in a constant state of rest is tricky. Our enemy knows once our eyes are off our source of peace, he can introduce fear and doubt. Focus on seeking this state of rest. Don’t waste your time on what’s out of your control.